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    Request for extension of deadline


      Respected Sir; Ma'am,

      Is it possible to send you my proposal on mail ?

      I have prepared it. But according to India's time schedule this event got over at 5 pm evening.

      A confusion occurred by me.

      It would be greatful if you take my proposal.

      Please mail me the concerned mail id where I can draft my proposal if possible.

      Thank You.

      - Utkarsh Sharma


        • Re: Request for extension of deadline

          Hi utkarshsharma


          Looks like the Element14 Community team have extended the deadline till Nov 1, 2018. You can apply the usual way.



          If you are not aware of how to apply, here are the steps:

          1. Go to the design challenge page - Sixth Sense Design Challenge

          2. Click ‘Join the Challenge’ button.

          3. You will be redirected to a form where you will have to provide your project and personal details like name, address (to ship the kit if sponsored and then prizes if you win / complete).


          You also have a timer over here at the right hand side top corner, to indicate time left before the enrolment close!


          Also I won’t advise providing your mail address publically (suggest you to remove it)

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