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    KiCAD vs Eagle vs Other?


      Good Morning everyone from Northern Colorado!

      Thought I'd open up a discussion about EDA software platforms. I'm currently learning KiCAD and I'm enjoying it. I first got my feet wet with EasyEDA.com and I'm trying to grow up in a sense. What platforms do you prefer and why? Also, what are some of your favorite learning tools for these different platforms? Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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          This question often prompts some very polarised opinion. If you have the time to quickly check out the alternatives then that will be your best bet.


          I started with Eagle and like it enough to stick with it. The only frustrating thing is that I decided to buy the hobbyist version as I thought it's worth supporting a useful product. This was shortly before they decided to ditch the purchase model and go with subscription. Oh well. They free option still suits me well enough. Plus, you can't deny that the features are continually improving.


          I've not tried KiCAD and probably won't get round to it if I'm honest. Nothing against it - just finding the time.