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    LCD TV to Light Table Help


      I have an Envision L32W761 TV with a cracked LCD screen. The TV still works, but I want to repurpose it as a light source for a lighted table. I've removed mostly everything, but I am unable to figure out how to bypass the main board. I can leave the main board attached and everything works, but it turns itself off after 15 min. It's CCFL not LED, and I'm having trouble finding information on how to re-wire it.


      The wires on the left of the PS board go to the lights (Power Board 1 jpg).

        Pin 12 (top) is ON/OFF

        Pin 11 is Dim


      The wires on the right go to the main board (Power Board 2 jpg).
        Pins 1 & 2 - marked 15V, but not used
        Pins 3 & 4 - marked 12V, measure 12V
        Pins 5 & 6 - marked 5V, measure 5.3V
        Pins 7 & 8 & 9 - marked GND - checks out
        Pin 10 - LIGHT-ON-OUT - plugged in, but powered off, reads 0v

        Pin 11 - RELAY-SW- plugged in, but powered off, reads 0v

        Pin 12 - BACKLIGHT-CNTRL-OUT- plugged in, but powered off, reads 0v

      When powered on
        Pin 10 - measures 3v
        Pin 11 - measures 1.9v
        Pin 12 - measures 3.3v


      I've tried hooking up the 5v from 5 & 6 to both 10 & 12, but it didn't turn on. I've also used a voltage regulator to give 3.3 volts to 10 & 12, and a voltage divider to get 1.9v to pin 11. It still won't power on.

      I have since re-connected the main board, and everything still works, so I know I didn't damage anything.


      I am looking for help identifying what I need to do to bypass the main board. I can take more pictures if necessary.


      I have also included a copy of the service manual with the schematics.