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    The Business of Engineering Podcast | Episode Five Discussion Thread - Preparing for Product Launch

      The Business of Engineering podcast is a monthly round table discussion in which startup leaders and entrepreneurs discuss various issues related to working in the tech and electronics market. This is the discussion thread for Episode Five - Preparing for Product Launch


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      Episode Summary


      There are few moments more exciting for a tech startup than when you finally get your product into the hands of consumers. But with so many new kits and devices hitting the shelves all the time, what can you do to give your product the best chance of success when it hits the market?


      In this week's episode of The Business of Engineering Podcast, we discuss the most important preparations and investments you should be making before your tech product goes on sale - and some of the common pitfalls you should be avoiding.




      Chris Burgess

      CEO of Binary Bots, a smart toy inventor using robots to teach children the fundamentals of coding. After starting in the education sector, Binary Bots recently launched their products into the retail market.


      Gareth Gadd

      Chief Business Development Officer at Compliance Compendium, a cost-effective, cloud-based application suite that helps businesses to achieve most of their UK Data Protection Act (2018) and EU GDPR obligations.


      Natasha Barber-Evans

      Regional Manager & Director at the Natwest Business Accelerator, a program that enables entrepreneurs across the UK to reach their full potential through coaching, mentoring and one-to-one support.


      Talking points addressed in this episode...


      • Introductions [0.00]
      • Key preparations before entering the retail market [9.00]
      • Risk vs Reward - Preparing your first volume order [20.00]
      • Resource planning and mapping out your needs [24.00]
      • Going Global - International Law, GDPR and Compliance [36.30]
      • Conclusion - What does a successful product launch look like? [49.40]


      Have you experienced any of the issues discussed in this episode? Share your thoughts, questions for our guest contributors and any feedback you might have in the comments section below.


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