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    Sensor and water meter


      Hi There,


      I can’t figure this out for myself. I had my Adeunis sensor connected to Sydney Water meter, Elster H400. All going good recording data. Then Sydney Water replaced the Elster meter with a different type, Arad Octave, which has an output module connected with 4-20 MA cable. The Arad manual refers to digital (pulse) output.


      From reading Arad meter manual I am not 100% confident to confirm re-use of Adeunis sensor with Arad meter and correct wiring instructions for connection to Adeunis sensor in accordance with Adeunis manual.


      I have attached manual for Adeunis sensor and Arad Octave meter.


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          I don't have such a water meter myself, but I'll try my best to help - but no guarantees. Advice in good faith but not guaranteed - you do anything at your own risk!


          From what I can see, you have red-green-black-shield cables. According to the Octave meter manual, this appears to be an Open Drain Module (14.1.1). If you had 4-20mA, you would have red-black-shield (14.1.4). This is a good thing.


          From your images, red-black forms output 1 and green-black forms output 2 where black is ground. According to a label on the meter, it seems output 1 is configured for 0.01 units per pulse and output 2 is configured for 0.1 units per pulse (I presume that may be m^3).


          Looking at the Adeunis manual, it seems that the pulse input ( has an internal pull-up. This means that if you connect it to the open drain module, it should be "taken low" to ground at every pulse. The voltage of the datalogger is within the limits of the meter, so it seems fine to connect an input to the meter (e.g. red to an input, ground to ground between meter and logger) - you will need to configure the data logger appropriately to match units but in theory, it should work.


          Given the meter seems to have an output protection resistor and a 35V limit, it's unlikely the meter module could be damaged by even incorrect connection. Likewise, the meter itself will not put any voltages on the outputs either because it's an open drain module - but polarity needs to be observed otherwise you won't get the pulses you expect.


          - Gough

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              Thanks Gough.


              Ok Open Drain Module (14.1.1). OK m^3 with pulse every 10Lt or 100Lt.

              • Green wire pulse every 100L
              • Red wire pulse every 10Lt



              Fig. 1


              Is my planned wiring, see Fig. 2, for Adeunis sensor ground black connected to pin 6 and red (10Lt) to pin 7 correct?


              Fig. 2


              Configuring the data logger appropriately to match units. Previously I configured sensor for 10Lt when connected to pulse output cable (Elster PR7v2 K:10:100) connected to Sydney Water meter, Elster H400. Will that config remain when wiring up sensor as per Fig. 2?


              Fig 3. Previous wiring arrangement into sensor when connected to pulse output cable (Elster PR7v2 K:10:100) connected to Sydney Water meter, Elster H400

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                  Judging from your previous wiring - it looks like you were wired to the unit to take two pulse inputs as the logger seems to be able to use two meters.


                  IMPULSE_1 (7) and GND (6) are the connections for the "first" meter. IMPULSE_2 (4) can be used for a second meter input. Looks like previously, maybe the last meter did have two pulse outputs and both were wired into the data logger - as for "why", I'm not entirely sure.


                  Were you receiving two separate logs? I suppose it depends on the configuration of the data logger whether you want to connect both pulse outputs from the water meter or not.


                  - Gough