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    stop fake  emails



      You send quite a few emails to me each week.  You were very good at alerting me to deals and specials, BUT ...


      what is it with wrong (oh dear Fake?) emails and emails that look like links to 10% discounts that won't open a browser.  Have you fired your good staff?


      I tried clicking on URLs in your emails and did not get to the 'great deal' or 'great thingy' that not got me to buying it.

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          Hi riddle0 ,


          If you can get the newsletter you are receiving it will help us get to the bottom of this.  Reach out to me through PM at tariq.ahmad so that I can forward the newsletter to someone who can investigate this further.

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            Closing this ticket.  It was an over zealous antivirus program that disabled opening https (http were ok) links.

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                Easiest way to try to stop this type of malware (i.e. accidental access of a dodgy website that provides virus downloads etc) is to use OpenDNS (just the free account is fine for individuals). It will check the DNS query and only allow access to trusted sites. That way it works well with http and https. If the antivirus program is blocking https that's not good, because then passwords can be in the clear.

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                    The thing is when the antivirus is the one blocking the sites (some times a trusted antivirus starts blocking known sites) OpenDNS won't prevent this issue from happening. Once Avast blocked Gmail for me, the only way I was able to solve the issue was reinstalling the AV.



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