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      IoT and the growth of connected ‘things’ opens up exciting
      new possibilities for developers. With the ability to create ‘Smart’ nodes, we
      can gather and monitor sensor data, communicate wirelessly and scale using the
      Cloud. The possibilities are virtually endless: smart mass transit using NFC
      for smoother access and airborne air-quality monitoring to name just a few.
      However, most developers ranging from experienced engineers to inventors and
      makers face a confusing number of IoT ecosystems, tools and platform choices.
      Developing a Prototype or Proof of Concept (POC) can be time-consuming and


      NXP’s Rapid IoT prototyping kit is designed to
      meet this challenge. It’s a comprehensive and secure solution designed to
      accelerate prototype and development of an IoT end node. Rapid IoT integrates
      20 devices (processing, connectivity, sensors, NFC, and secure element) to
      cover a wide range of applications and combines it with proven software
      enablement including an easy to use GUI based web IDE (No C programming


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      To help get you started, we're also giving away 200 Rapid
      IoT kits to the best project pitches. Submit your idea by 11/20!


      What will you build?