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    Live at IOT Summit Chicago: What We Talked About Over Lunch


      Hi Element14 Community!


      I'm live at IOT Summit Chicago, being held at the W hotel, not far from element14's office in Chicago.


      After a busy morning of IoT presentations, we broke for lunch -- a little late because the IOT security presentation had a lot of questions. (Lunch: Tasty turkey wraps, green salad, topped with a brownie!)


      Each table had an informal conversation about IoT. Here's a list of what my table talked about:


      • 5G and the limited spectrum problem
      • Machine learning training from the cloud to the edge
      • IoT use cases: pedestrian safety, smart grids, etc
      • Smart roads (aka, the pothole detector for Chicago) ; using robots to actually repair the potholes.
      • The expectation of IoT innovation in assistive technology
      • Each stage of automation from steam, industrial to autonomous improved the lives of people
      • The home automation problem: using "new" encrypted sensors with consumers who want to use "old" network devices that can cause big problems in security. Consumers may not understand the problem to save a few bucks.


      What do you talk about at lunch when you talk about IOT?