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    Making a mess of my order

      I placed an order (  15855464) on 21/11/2018 and it said my items will be delivered on 22/11/2018. I called to follow up on 26/11 and got no feedback as promised.

      I called again today, 27/11/2018 only to be told that the warehouse didn't realize they had no stock of the main item and have to get it from the UK.

      Almost a week after I placed the order and following up, I get told that nobody bothered to act on my order of items that were supposed to be local. Only today, they realized, O we don't have stock, maybe we should get it from the supplier. Now I have to wait until next week to get the items. By then, I will be on leave and not in the office.

      Very nice.

      Poor, no, non-existing customer service and feedback unless the customer follows up.



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          Hi there,

          I shared a similar experience a few months back. I ordered a few products online. I was told I had to wait 6-8 weeks for one of the products. But, I was fine with it and went ahead placing the order. I received my order in 2 batches on 2 different dates. Within each package, there was a despatch note listing down items yet to be delivered. The product was listed in both notes. On the 8th week, I contacted Element14 to ask about the item not delivered. To my surprise and dismay, they told me it had been  discontinued ever since I ordered. I complained as to why I wasn't informed immediately after I placed my order. Also on week 6, the despatch note even listed the item as outstanding. Element14 reasoned to me that there was a technical glitch and they were sorry; a very lame excuse. They suggested another product which has exactly the same specs, but the product code was different and with higher price tag. I requested them to exchange with no extra payment to which they refused. I protested because it was their fault and they have to absorb the extra cost. I waited for 8 weeks and was left clueless of the product discontinuation. Instead of having the courtesy to exchange with the same product, they insisted that I forked out extra money for their error which was clearly not my fault. They ceased to reply after that. They just didn't care. Element14, why can't you just admit your wrong and compensate?