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    Getting Ready to RoadTest a Low-Side Gate Driver with Truly Differential Inputs That Prevents False Triggering. Are You Interested?


      I'm getting ready to roadtest a 1-channel low-side gate driver EVM that has truly differential inputs to prevent false triggering.  What the truly differential inputs do is to overcome driving issues when DC offset (DC GND shift) or AC voltage drops (AC GND shift) are existing between the driver and the MCU ground potentials.


      Common situations characterized by DC and AC GND shifts are, respectively, the driving of high-side devices and the driving in noisy environments with significant stray inductance on the ground path.


      Some Features

      • 48V half-bridge buck converter tested up to 60W
      • Integrated section to generate and regulate the DC GND shift
      • Possibility to easily regulate the AC GND shift
      • Possibility to compare the 1EDN TDI and standard low side driver in GND shift situation


      A Word about Low side gate drivers │ EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN TDI

      The input signal levels of conventional low-side gate driver ICs are referenced to the ground potential of the gate driver IC. If in the application the ground potential of the gate driver IC shifts excessively false triggering of the gate driver IC can occur.


      The 1EDN7550 and 1EDN8550 gate driver ICs have truly differential inputs. Their control signal inputs are largely independent from the ground potential. Only the voltage difference between its input contacts is relevant. This prevents false triggering of power MOSFETs.


      Here's a schematic block:


      Here's some documentation

      Product Brief / Datasheet

      App Note


      I'm getting 10 units to roadtest. I'd like to get some roadtesters that both have the test equipment and a background in this type of circuitry to test this out. If you are interested, please send me a message at rscasny




      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager