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    Preventing "Crtl S" from auto publishing




      I have an old habit of periodically using "Ctrl S" to save work-in-progress documents on my computer.


      I just learnt (the hard way) that using Ctrl S while writing up a blog immediately publishes the article on Element14 instead of saving it as a draft.


      Is there any way you could make the webpage ask what type of save does the user want when the user uses the "Ctrl S" shortcut.


      This will save me a lot of live re-edits on the fly.





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          Dudley Nelson

          Hi BigG


          Ctrl-s is a relatively standard shortcut key for posting, and so we've implemented that as a shortcut key to post whatever content you happen to be editing.


          I'm a programmer, and I myself occasionally get caught out with it, because I have a muscle-memory built in to save my code regular and often. But it's not just at element14 that I get caught out with it.


          I've not tried to combat it, instead I'm in the slow process of retraining myself not to press ctrl-s every three seconds - but I have in the past considered setting up a browser level shortcut key. This should override any shortcut key that a website might use because the browser will intercept the key before the website the browser is hosting will see it.


          You should be able to access shortcut keys on your browser and this could be a very quick and easy workaround for you. I can point you at a guide for that, but I'd need to know what browser you're using for me to do that



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              Old habits are hard to break.


              Thanks, yes that would be useful. I use Google Chrome mainly or otherwise Mozilla Firefox.


              Maybe a "revert to draft" option on the page would a handy alternative.

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                  Dudley Nelson

                  Seems it is harder than I thought it would be, but I've successfully managed it here.


                  I used the instructions here: https://www.howtogeek.com/127162/how-to-create-custom-keyboard-shortcuts-for-browser-actions-and-extensions-in-google-ch…  but I found those instructions to be out of date, so I'll detail what I did here.


                  So essentially what I did was to give one of the extensions I have installed a ctrl-s shortcut key so that when I press that key, it opens up the extension menu. Seems Chrome have decided to pull customised shortcut keys (it was definitely once a thing) for most functionality, I'm not sure why they've done that. So without an extension, the only thing you can customise with an arbitrary shortcut key appears to be the open extension function.


                  • Ensure you have an extension installed that can be popped open. I already had two installed, but for this I've picked one - LastPass.
                  • Open the Chrome menu and select "More Tools" then "Extensions"
                  • Don't select the extension, you've chosen - that would be way too easy. Instead, at the top left is the burger menu. The burger menu gives you two options - extensions (which is where you are) and keyboard shortcuts. Select keyboard shortcuts.
                  • For whichever extension you've decided on, select the field next to that and it will prompt you to press a key. Press ctrl-s.
                  • That's it.


                  Now, when you accidentally press ctrl-s, your chosen extension will open up and it doesn't publish your content


                  (now watch in amusement as I realise how much my muscle memory uses the ctrl-s shortcut key!)

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                Thanks. I just realised this method will not work for me as I use other online packages which require "ctrl S" to save your work.

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                  This problem in theory is quite straightforward to fix.


                  I noticed in my "Inbox" there is a "Mark all read" option. When I click on this option, it invokes a dialog box with the question "are you sure".


                  All you need to do is replicate this logic for the publish button, which ideally is only needed if the article has never been published before.