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    Problem in reading RxFIFO of SPI controller in custom board


      I am trying to establish a SPI interface between Zynq(Master)and RTC chipset(Slave).We are running in SPI Mode-1. When we probe the SPI interface signals(SCLK,MOSI,MISO,CS)on our custom board using Oscilloscope; we find that signals are seen as expected. But when we try to read Received Data using Rx_data_reg0; we are not getting the same data which we had seen on the scope(MISO).We always get 0x00 or 0xFF when reading from Rx_data_reg0 register. Kindly note that RTC SPI instruction width is 16-bit.
      We also want to check whether its possible to configure the Zynq SPI peripheral TX and RX registers to send a 16-bit valid Data/Instruction. As of now we are initiating 2 byte transfer from Zynq SPI peripheral to communicate with RTC device.