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    Python camera on Linux


      Dear friends !

      I am deploy Python camera on Linux by microzed board. When i try to boot, there are a problem:

      PYTHON1300 spi32766.0: Probe completed successfully
      xilinx-video amba:vcap_hdmi: device registered
      xilinx-video amba:vcap_tpg: device registered
      xilinx-video amba:vm2m_hls: device registered
      xilinx-video amba:vcap_python: device registered
      PYTHON1300_RXIF 43c20000.python1300_rxif: failed to parse regv18-gpios DT property
      PYTHON1300_RXIF: probe of 43c20000.python1300_rxif failed with error -22                             +-----------------------------+
      xilinx-cfa 43c30000.cfa: device found, version 7.000                                                 |                             |
      xilinx-cresample 43c50000.cresample: device found, version 4.000                                     |  Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0!  |
      xilinx-hls 400d0000.hls: device xlnx,v-hls-sobel found                                               |                             |
      xilinx-rgb2yuv 43c40000.rgb2yuv: device found, version 7.010                                         +-----------------------------+
      platform 40080000.tpg: Driver xilinx-tpg requests probe deferral
      platform 40070000.vtc: Driver xilinx-vtc requests probe deferral

      Can you hlep me to figure out the problem, i used emvb_hls tutorial of the Avnet. Thanks, best regarded