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    Missing drivers



      I'm guessing that i have problems with missing drivers this time. 

      The last time I was having problems with the fact that i had to reset the board and lost all of the code files of the example code. I got it here: https://github.com/Avnet/software and sent it to the board.

      Now when i run hts 221 code I get this message:

      Device detection, parsing /proc/bus/input/devices

      Trying alternative detection, querying /dev/input/eventX devide names...

        Trying "/dev/input/event" ... unknown

      opening hts221 device: Bad address


      I opened the folder input and there's only a file named mice. Therefore i'm missing the files corresponding to the drivers that should there, I guess. Where can i find them?

      I've made a search through the internet and i didn't find them yet. Can someone help me?