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    SD Card


      I messed up the micro SD boot information, can someone give me the original image that came with it?

        • Hello Joamota,

          Hello Joamota,

          You can find the factor image under the Getting Started Guides section under the MicroZed Documentation page.



            • Can't find the files for QuickStart

              I did that! and it worked!
              The board now boots as expected but since i formatted the card i can't find the executable referred in the quick start guide.
              I found online the files in github and created a folder inside the SD card but i can't find them when searching using the board.
              For an instance everytime i plug the SD card in my computer i get 3 different partitions in there: F,G;H (Is it normal?) so i pasted the folder with the files needed for the quickStart in one that says OVERCBOOT(F:) and also in one of the other partitions(i had to format it in order to access it).
              Still can't find it. 

              Please help i need this fully functional ASAP!

              Thanks in advance!

              Best regards,

              João Mota