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    How to generate the MCS for 15.2 SDK to program 7Z100 qspi_dual_parallel?



        I could not boot from QSPI in MMP 7Z100.

      I just follow the Lab "zynq_mmp_embedded_design_7z100_v2015_2" to use the make_mcs_file.bat to generate my mcs file. MCS file is generate OK. and also, SDK Program Flash finished without any error. but could not boot from QSPI flash. But I use the Lab pre-build "zynq_mmp_peripheral_test.mcs" and the same SDK program FPGA procedure, the FPGA is boot correctly, is anything wrong from my generate the MCS file? How to generate the correct MCS file?


      Jansen Lee  

        • When you generate your own

          When you generate your own design and MCS file, please make sure the PS QSPI is configured for dual-parallel in Vivado prior to exporting your design to SDK and generating the FSBL file. By default, VIvado does not configure the QSPI Flash in dual-parallel mode. After generting your VIvado design:

          1) Double-click on the Zynq IP in the Vivado Block Design to open it.

          2) Click on the MIO Configuration in the Re-Customize IP dialog box.

          3) Expand the Memory Interfaces.

          4) Expand the Quad SPI Flash and select the Dual Quad SPI option.

          5) Click OK.

          6) Export to SDK and generate the FSBL file. Use this new FSBL file with your batch file to generate the MCS file.