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    MMP Errata query: Dual-parallel-QSPI working on RevB boards

      I have a query about your part AES-MMP-7Z045-G (Zynq Mini-Module Plus Kit).
      We have received copies of both the RevB and RevC versions of this board.
      Your errata document, Zynq Mini Module Plus Rev B Errata (AES-MMP-7Z045-G_revb_errata_v1_0.pdf), says in Section 3.1 that 'dual parallel QSPI flash' does not work on the RevB boards, but will be fixed in RevC boards.
      In our tests, we see a working dual parallel QSPI configuration on BOTH RevB and RevC boards, and want to know if this is a random event that cannot be relied upon, or a documentation error.
      Could you please provide more details about the expected error case for the RevB boards and how we can test for the failure mode outlined in the errata across RevB and RevC boards.
      Many thanks,