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    miniITX board support package( BSP ) files



      I have a new miniITX100 board . I am trying to create a PS design using the miniITX board with vivado 15.4. During the process of creating the new project I notice that there no option in creating new projects for this miniITX board.

      Which version of Vivado supports development for miniITX board ?.

      Do I have to download the BSP file from other website and then isntall this files for it be visible as an option in VIVADO.

      Thank in advance.

        • Hello Vintu,

          Hello Vintu,


          I think you are confusing Board Definition files, which will allow you to select the Mini-ITX as a target in Vivado, and BSP files which are PetaLinux Board Support Packages.


          You can download and install Mini-ITX Board Definition files from the Mini-ITX Documentation page:




          PetaLinux BSP files for the Mini-ITX are found on the Mini-ITX Reference Designs page:





            • Thank you for the help. I

              Thank you for the help. I just got confused with the term BSP and board definition file.

              Really appreciate your help.

              • Tried installing the board

                Tried installing the board definition files as instructed in the above link. There were no files there explicitly supporting Vivado 2016.* but I tried the one labelled "Zynq Mini-ITX Board Definition Files Vivado 2015.3 or later" dated 05.Apr.16

                This is for a Linux installation on CENTOS 6. I set the permissions on the newly installed board files to 755 with owner set to root (just as the zed board files are). Sadly, Vivado is still just giving me Zed, ZC702 and AC701...

                No Mini-ITX

              • RE: Tried installing the board

                Hi rmm92vt,

                It would be worthwhile posting your issue as a separate topic rather than piggybacking on a topic that is already marked as solved.  This would help community members locate information that is relevant to their issue more quickly when searching through topic subjects.

                To address your issue, I have ran into problems with using CentOS and board definition files where the files that are extracted from the archive end up as 0 byte long files that are unreadable.  I found that extracting to a temporary folder under /home/<user>/ and then moving the Avnet board file folders over to /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/<version>/data/boards/board_files/ usually gets me passed this problem.

                In short, make sure that you can see actual, readable, XML files show up in the target folder.  Otherwise, Vivado will not show the Avnet boards alongside the Xilinx ones when you click on the "Vendor" filter and select the "em.avnet.com" option.



                • Hello hugojestes@gmail.com,

                  Hello hugojestes@gmail.com,

                  I just went through the installation instructions for the Mini-ITX Board Files for Vivado 2016.2 on my Windows 7 OS, and everything worked as it should.

                  Just to double check. You placed the "mini_itx_7z045" and "mini_itx_7z100" in the "C:\Xilinx\Vivado\<2015.3 or later>\data\boards" directory correct? After you do that, you should be able to access the Board Definition Files by following the instructions based your chosen Vivado release following the steps in the "Zynq_Mini_ITX_Board_Files_Installation_Instructions_and_Tutorial" that was also downloaded with the Mini ITX Board Definition Files.


                  • Adding Board Definition Files for Mini_ITX
                    Hello JFoster,
                    Many thanks for your quick response. 
                    Yes, I was following instruction from the PDF appointed by you (which is inside "Zynq_Mini_ITX_Board_Definition_Files_Vivado_2015_3_v1.zip") and 
                    I have placed the "mini_itx_7z045" and "mini_itx_7z100"  folders in the route (see image): C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2015.3\data\boards\board_files (for my case).
                    But I am not able to access to Mini_ITX board. When I select Vendor: em.avnet.com. There is only one option is possible to be selected- > "ZedBoard Zynq Evaluation and Development Kit".
                    I have managed for adding other board definition files, like "zybo", "Nexys",genesys2", by means of the same instruction procedure, but there is no way to add Mini_ITX definition files. It looks like as Vivado can not process the XML files for Mini_ITX.
                    Any suggestion?

                    • Hello Hugojestes@gmail.com,

                      Hello Hugojestes@gmail.com,

                      I believe I have just found your problem. By chance are you running Vivado HL Webpack? If so that is your problem. Vivado HL Webpack only supports  Zynq devices up to 7030. 

                      Please see : https://www.xilinx.com/products/design-tools/vivado/vivado-webpack.html

                      As the Mini_ITX uses either a Zynq 7045 or a Zynq 7100, it is not supported and will not be displayed by Vivado HL WebPack. You will need to upgrade to either Vivado HL Design Edition or Vivado HL System Edition.

                      I just double checked that this was the issue. I installed Vivado 2015.3 HL Webpack and installed the BDF and it did not work. Then I installed Vivado 2015.3 HL Design Edition and the BDF once again, and it worked as described in the installation document.