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    Number of differential pairs


      I'm planning to use this CCA with my own expansion board. For this I need 50 differential pairs. The schematics seem to indicate Single Ended should also be routed as differential pairs. The user guide does not say anything about this... as far as I read.

      Would anyone know if this is the case? Is the layout available?


        • Zynq MMP provides 30

          Zynq MMP provides 30 differential I/O pairs + 2 differential clock pairs on each connector (JX1/JX2). So, you can have maxim of 64 differential pairs connected to the JX1/JX2 connectors (the clock pairs can also be used as I/O signals). These signals are clearly shown on the JX1/JX2 connector pinout pages of the Zynq MMP schematics.