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    No Target with ID 64 in the System



      We have a new rev D ZedBoard, and it runs out of the box with the pre-configured SD card image once the jumpers are set for SD card boot.

      Setting the jumpers for cascaded JTAG (Jp7 - JP11 all set to GND) and trying to run logic and software built with Vivado 2014.1 and SDK 2014.1 is causing me great pain.

      I have been trying to follow the tutorials in chapters 2 and 3 in zedboard_CTT_v2013_2_130807.pdf.  This has been written for v2013.2, so I'm not surprised that there have been little issues I've had to resolve along the way.

      Nevertheless I have bumbled my way through chapter 2 and most of chapter 3.  I've has to wire in a proc_sys_reset block that wasn't mentioned in the tutorial due to Vivado critical warnings without it.

      Now I finally have everything building in SDK with the hardware generated in Vivado, but I've hit a showstopper I can't get past without help.  I've set up a Xilinx C/C++ Application GDB run configuration with the generated .elf.  I am able to program the PL and the blue DONE LED lights up, but when I attempt to run the .elf with the run configuration I get an error "No Target with ID 64 in the System" as in the title.

      Another thread (http://zedboard.org/content/zynqintro-lab-5) has mentioned this error in a different context, but no answers there have helped, other than to suggest the SDK can't find the ARM (ID 64).  This is strange, because the tutorial in chapter 2 (without a PL configuration) didn't have this problem.

      Is anyone able to help?