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    Can't connect to board



      I have a PicoZed 7030 and FMC Carreir Card V2. It is connected via USB-UART and ethernet to my machine running Windows 7.

      The orange LED for USB-UART is on, the green and orange light on the ethernet cable is on, all LED lights (including blue FPGA) are on. However when I try to ping my board's IP address, or open a serial window through PuTTY it shows that my board is not connected to my computer.

      I have the Silicon Labs driver and my device manager shows that it's working properly.

      At a loss as to why my computer can't communicate with my board.



        • Hello Erika,

          Hello Erika,

          What are you running on your board? One of the Petalinux BSP souces we offer? Is your computer configured as a static IP address? Did you disable your wirless conenction on your PC? Are you seeing anything over the terminal? If your not seeing anything over the terminal, the Silicon labs driver may need to be reinstalled.


            • I am running Mathworks files

              I am running Mathworks files on the SD card. I believe it's a static IP. I do not have a wireless connection.

              I reinstalled the Silicon Labs driver and now when I connect through PuTTY I have zynq> but I still get nothing back when I ping the IP address of my board.

            • Do you get any messages over

              Do you get any messages over the terminal? If so your silicon labs driver is working correctly to establish a Uart connection. Try using one of the Xilinx BSPs for Zedboard, I think the issue may be related to your mathworks file.