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    fmchc_python1300c reference design



      I am trying to get the fmchc_python1300c reference design to work with Vivado 2016.4

      Everything worked fine until I actually wanted to run the demo application on the board.

      I used the JTAG cable to run the demo via SDK in with the debugger enabled. The problem I have is, that the program gets stuck in an infinite loop when executing the function "fmc_hdmi_cam_init"

      I doesn't get past this point. The system just freezes.

      I am using the System Debugger, because the GDB Debugger does not work with the error "no associated elf file".


      I haven't tried booting from the SD-Card. I will try this and see if the problem also occurs.


      Has anybody encountered this problem?


      edit: The vanilla BOOT.bin also gets stuck after ouputting "FMC-HDMI-CAM Initialization ...".

      It seems that this is the same behavior...

      edit2: I am using the FMC Carrier Card V1. The reference design says that the FMC Carrier Card V2 is required. Is this a problem or is the design compatible with both carrier cards?

      I already looked at the pin out of the fmc, and did not see any huge differences that might not make the design work...