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    Linux on Zynq Lab 0.1


      Apparently, the Sourcery CodeBench install can no longer be downloaded - as referenced in Lab 0.1:page 29 (step 13). What do you recommend as the step forward for working through your labs? I cannot seem to locate a similar download on the Xilinx site.



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          Hi dirvin,

          From what I understand, the preferred delivery method for these cross complier tools is for them to be delivered as part of an SDK install (rather than a separate tool chain install as is documented in Lab 0.1) as seen in this Wiki post:


          If you install SDK on your development VM, then you should be able to run the cross compiler using the following commands:

          $ export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-xilinx-linux-gnueabi

          $ source /opt/Xilinx/14.5/ISE_DS/settings64.sh

          Here are the tool chain binaries within my 14.5 install so you can see that the cross compiler is included with Xilinx SDK install, you just need to point to it properly from your environment:




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            Hi dirvin,

            My colleague pointed out that I was not very clear about what needs to be done in order to get the cross compiler installed on your system.

            The best way to get the compiler installed on your Linux system is to perform a full install of the ISE + SDK tools on your Linux system. 

            If you are not already familiar with installing the Xilinx tools under Linux, Xilinx has some documentation which covers the tools installation process for both Windows and Linux which you may find useful, here is one for the ISE 14.5 tools:


            Once the ISE tools are installed onto your Linux system, your path can be setup to add the tool chain folder to the command search path so that the Sourcery CodeBench cross compiler referred to in the SpeedWay instructions is supplanted by the version which is included with the ISE tools install.  The tool chain included in the ISE install can be used to build the kernel and applications used in the remainder of the SpeedWay labs.



            • ARM Cross compile in Linux (Ubuntu) environment

              Hi Kevin,
                    Was wondering how this would work for SDK with VIVADO2014.2
              What needs to be done to be able to compile Linux image on an Ubuntu 14.x box with SDK installed on it.

              Appreciate your inputs