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    Communicating with pc


      I'm working on a Zedboard project which requires the fpga to print result on pc.Can someone give me a heads up on how it can be done.
      Thank you in advance!

        • If you mean 'printing' on the

          If you mean 'printing' on the PC monitor, this can be accomplished by directing your output results to the Zynq PS (Processing System) UART1, as is shown in most of the example 'Hello World' programs such as the Zynq Concepts, Tools and Techniques tutorial found here:


          The serial port output will go through the ZedBoard USB - UART and can be displayed using a terminal program such as TeraTerm or Putty.


          If you need to actually print the results I think that you can configure Tera Term to pass the data through to the printer.



          • fprintf -- print to file on PC hard drive?

            My c program currently prints ADC values to the SDK console on my PC, much as "hello world" prints to console. In addition to the obvious fopen, fprintf, and fclose statements in my main program, what else do I need to do to be able to write results to the hard drive on my computer? 

            • The "hello world" program,

              The "hello world" program, running on the ARM processor in the Zynq device, does not have any access to the hard drive in your host computer. You will need to transfer the data from the ARM processor to your host computer, via the USB-UART serial link or Ethernet or some other data path you create. Then you will need to write a program or use some utility on your host computer to write the results to the hard drive 'locally'.


              Or you could have the Zynq ARM processor write the data to the SD Card and then physically move the SD Card to your host computer and transfer the data there.



              • Hello Raunaq,

                Hello Raunaq,

                Here is a Zedboard reference design were Data Logging is done on a SD Card. Then all you would need to do is physically move the SD card to your host computer.