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    Vivado - Chipscope - ZedBoard license


      Hello All,

      I have been using my Zedboard locked license file to do software and hardware development on my ZedBoard. Today, I tried to use the Vivado Chipscope tool and got the following error message when I tried to compile.

      ERROR: [Chipscope 16-111] License check failed for Vivado Analyzer feature - aborting debug core implementation...

      I looked in my license file and I seem to have Chipscope enabled for my Zed license.  I have used Chipscope on the ZedBoard via ISE.

      Does anyone know if we should be able to run the Vivado Chipscope tool using our ZedBoard license?

      If not, does anyone know a work around to let me use Chipscome in my Vivado design?

      Thanks for any advice.

        Pete Dudley

        • ChipScope and Vivado Analyzer

          ChipScope and Vivado Analyzer are two similar, but differently licensed things. You will need a Vivado Design Edition or better license to use Vivado Analyzer. The newest ZedBoard kits ship with Vivado Design Edition, device-locked license vouchers. You could ask Xilinx software support to re-host your old ZedBoard license to a new Vivado one, but I'm not sure they will.