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    serial terminal stop working


      I am working on 7z020 board and I am booting board from sdcard.
      When I programmed my board through sdk->xilinx tools->programmed FPGA.
      then it programmed and blue Done LED on.
      The problem is after that serial terminal stop working

        • Hello Sana,

          Hello Sana,


          You will need to give us a little more information to help you.


          What 7Z020 board are you using? What version of the Xilinx tools? What is your host OS? 


          Are you trying to load the same application via JTAG that you booted/ran from the SDCard? The same hardware platform? If not, are you sure that the new platform hardware supports the serial port and have you enabled the serial port in the SDK?


          I would suggest starting with a known good design, such as a tutorial or example design for the board you are using, and download via JTAG to verify that your board and SDK are working correctly. Then try your new design on the same setup.



          • Hello Sana,

            Hello Sana,


            You still did not tell us what Zynq board you are using. Is it a known development board like a ZedBoard, MicroZed, or ZC702 that have example designs available that you can try, or is it a custom Zynq 7Z020 board?


            You also did not tell us if you were able to run your application via JTAG.


            Yes, a simple hello world application should be able to test that the serial terminal is working correctly. Some boards of the development boards also come with an 'out of the box' application in QSPI Flash or on an SD card that would allow you to test this as well.


            Once we have a little more information we might be able to offer suggestions. I would also suggest that you consider moving to the Xilinx Vivado tool suite as the ISE tool suite is dated and you will find much less support for your development at this point in time.



              • Hello Gray

                Hello Gray

                Hello world program works perfectly
                As you suggest i was trying to move vivado. Now I am able to work with it.I just test gpio through EMIO. I want to send gpio data through emio.
                I am trying to boot from sd card.I am using zynq 7z020clg484-1

                when I programmed the board it serial terminal stop working. in the sdk2015.3 too.

                SO after exporting the project I made FSBL (bsp os :standalone)
                then generate boot.bin (using option create boot image)
                So that zedboard programmed by itself at the boot time.
                and i am using 14.7 release uImage and other files. But I cant see results.
                where i am doing mistake now
                at BSP??/
                I have windows 7 machine