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    Initial Startup


      Hello all,

      I purchased a MIni-ITX recently, and I guess it was just the FPGA board alone not realzing I needed a power supply and everything else. So I rigged up an ATX Power Cable that has 12V, 5V, and 3.3V coming off of it. This is actually better because I can use my own power supply that I can monitor the power usage on.

      Anyway, it didn't come with a SD Card, and it also seems that the SPI Flash was empty too -- so I have been trying to get everything up and running. I attempted to program the QSPI flash with one of the reference designs packages that are included on this website.

      I can program the QSPI flash with reference designs and they are verified to be flashing correctly. I also put the Wind River linux on the SD card so that should be correct as well.


      I am able to program the system over JTAG, but I have to use Vivado 2016.3 so a lot of the material and reference designs are made for older versions. I cannot seem to get Linux or anything to boot up on the system. I also can't seem to have the USB JTAG + USB UART cables connected at the same time. My PC only detects one of them being connected at a time. What could possibly be happening here?