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    device tree generation


      Dear Sir,
                    I am following the scripts at  http://microzed.org/product/wilink-8-adaptor. I am trying to integrate the Wilink8 WiFi  module with the ZedBoard. Slowly-slowly i have progressed up to a point where now mine next step is to generate the device tree for the ZedBoard.What i confused now is that:- From various sources on the internet the prebuilt device tree(dts) is availble . So mine first question is:-
      1- Can i use that directly?? but at the same time it seems that i can not because these device tree are not including the wilink8(wifi) module in their dts file.

      2- So , in the case i can use those prebuilt dts file then please guide me how to modify that.

       3-And ,if i can not use those prebuilt dts files then also please guide me how to built the new dts file for mine purpose.

      4- Is there any tutorial on creating the device tree for the ZedBoard.