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    HDMI in and out on Zedboard


      I am using the Xilinx Inreuvium daughter card which to connect a hdmi source and a monitor to the zedboard. I am suspecting that the traces from the daughter card to the FPGA on the zedboard are not controlled and one has to use a phase shifted clock to retime the hdmi signals coming in. There is no published documentation on this. is this correct and has anyone else run into this problem.

      To add to the above - if I do a simple loopback on the zedboard, the hdmi source will lite up the hdmi monitor. So the connector pins are correct. If I retime and send it back, it will not work.

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          The only Inrevium HDMI cards that I find require a High Pin Count (HPC) FMC connection. The ZedBoard only supports Low Pin Count (LPC) FMC cards so I suspect that is the root of your problem. You will need to match the signals required on the Inrevium board with the ones available on the ZedBoard FMC connector to see if this board combination will work for your application. 

          The ZedBoard schematic can be downloaded here: