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    mini-itx DDR problem


      I recently purchased a mini-itx100 system and am having trouble getting it to boot. None of the pre-packaged designs seemed to word(sd card or qspi flash), but the JTAG connection works ok, so I tried building some of the reference designs.

      So far the only one that works somewhat is the 'zynq_mini_itx_mem_test' part of the embedded design. This code will partially run, but it hangs any time it tries to run the DDR tests (either the PS or PL one). If I modify the code to exclude those tests, the ps7_ram test passes.

      I suspect that the problem is with my DDR ram, or its configuration, since the mem_test code is not loaded in to DDR ram, and it runs fine as long as it doesn't try to access any DDR. 

      I read that the newer boards have different RAM chips, (mine is revision E) but that they are not supposed to require any software changes.

      Does anyone have any idea of what tests I can run to narrow down the problem?