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    ZedBoard HDMI VIPP, Vivado 2014


      Hi I am trying to use the ZedBoard_HDMI_Display_Tutorial_2013_4_20140623.zip that I downloaded from Zedboard reference design forum at:

      ZedBoard HDMI VIPP, Vivado 2014.



      I have a Vivado 2016.3 version and theTCL files are outdated. Has anyone build this design in Vivado 2016.3 version



        • Hello Aynilian,

          Hello Aynilian,

          We have not. My ssuggestion would be to revert to Vivado 2014.4


            • Vivado 2016.3
              Vivado 2016.3
              The HDMI reference design is running the VDMA engine and the Video stream comes all the way to the Video-Stream to Video converter IP block. The problem is: VTC, the video timing generator is not generating the v-sync and h-sync. I'm looking into the VTC control register setup now to see if the generator is enabled and detector is disabled. So far it is. The VTC control Register 0 (XVTC_CTL) is configured as: 0x03f73f06. I don't know why the h-sync and v-sync are not being generated. Any ideas?