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    Having problem with SDK 2017.1 when I am targeting UltraZed PCIe Carrier Card



      Currently I am using Xilinx SDK 2017.1. I created a design using Vivado 2017.1 and then created "hardware platform" on same project directory "proj_dir.sdk". After that I launched SDK from vivado, then created BSP based on "psu_cortexr5_0". After that whenever I am trying to creat application project, everytime message pops-up "rdi_xsct.exe  has stopped working". It also giving 2 options "check online for a solution and close the program" or "close the program". After selecting "check online for a solution and close the program" couple of time, I can't select the Use existing BSP. Could you please help me asap? I can;t go further of work due to this reason.

      Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.