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    JC and JD PMOD Resistors for Single-Ended



      Sorry to beat a (few) dead horses [1] [2] [3] but would like a bit of clarification on using the Differential JC/JD PMOD's for single-ended mode.

      In the linked posts it has been claimed that it can be done simply by constraining it IE:

      sample xdc:

      set_property PACKAGE_PIN AB6  [get_ports my_signal]; #JC1-N
        set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports -of_objects [get_iobanks 13]];
        However my questions are:
        (1) Can you apply unique signals to every available IOB? Use P/N completely independently? 
        (2) Do you need to explicitly state diff_term to false in the xdc file, IE
        set_property DIFF_TERM FALSE [get_ports my_signal]
        for each of these ports?
        (3) Do you need to change the Resistors on these ports from the 0 ohms to the 200 ohms JA, JB, and JE use? Shown on Sheet 3