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    FMC Zedboard


      I am using Zedboard and have successfully connected the Xilinx XM105 board to FMC of zedboard.

      Now, I am facing the problem with the another PCB custom designed by me while connecting to Zedboard FMC.

      The pin configuration is same as zedboard FMC schematic.

      Please guide me what could be the problem and possibility.



        • Your question is extremely

          Your question is extremely vague. There are a number of problems that you could be encountering. Did you start with the XM105 PCB design files and then modify them? I think it is typically lower risk to take an existing board and mofidy it then to start from nothing.


          You will need to do a pin by pin comparison. You should also compare your use of the power rails with the specification at https://www.vita.com/fmc.


          You could check with your local Avnet FAE to see if they would be willing to take a look at your design.