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      Good morning


      I have purchased an UltraZed 3EG Starter Kit and an AVNET AES-ALI3-AMPIRE10-G 10" touch display.

      After a lot of search I could identify the needed IPs to establish a design driving this display.

      In my understanding, ZED_ALI3_CONTROLLER and TIMING GENERATOR would be needed in addtion of Xilinx 3rd parties IP like AXI-VDMA and AXI Stream to Video.


      I could download from AVNET github the IP ZED_ALI3_CONTROLLER but unfortunatly, I can not succeed to properly integrate it in the IP Library of my Vivado project (under Vivado 2018.2)

      Could you describe the detail step to integrate this IP in a Vivado project (run some TCL script?)

      Also I couldnt identify if the TIME GENERATOR IP is similar to the IP called Video Timing controller.

      Thanks you in advance for your answer to these 2 questions.

      Best regards