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    Availability of ZedBoards


      ZedBoards are currently scheduled to start shipping by the end of July. An update to a more exact shipping date will be provided towards the beginning of July.

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          well it is now the end of the second week of august. where is the update on "exact shipping date?"
          my promise date has been august 24 dince beginning of june. is this the best i can expect. are they shipping? is that even firm? i just would like to dive into use of this board.

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              Some boards have already shipped.  Avnet FAEs started receiving their boards mid-June.  We are not receiving one large bulk shipment from the CM.  Rather, we are receiving smaller lots as soon as they are available.  We have enough work in progress to clear all the backlog.  We appreciate your interest in Zynq, and we are working to get you your board as quickly as possible!