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    JTAG download speeds using JLink




      I have a problem when i download using eclipse & gdb, the problem does not occur using Seggers tools like Ozone. Basically even though the download speed is set to 10000Khz, something sets it to 1000Khz. Log file captured from JLinkGDBServerCL.exe attached.



      SEGGER J-Link GDB Server V6.34f LogFile

      Logging started @ 2018-12-06 14:51

      03-00000000-00-00000000-00CD: Command line: -if swd -device ATSAME70Q21 -endian little -speed 10000 -port 2331 -swoport 2332 -telnetport 2333 -vd -noir -localhostonly 1 -log Z:\log.txt -singlerun -strict -timeout 0 -nogui -speed 10000


      03-00000000-00-00000002-014F: ------J-Link related settings------

      J-Link Host interface:         USB

      J-Link script:                 none

      J-Link settings file:          none

      ------Target related settings------

      Target device:                 ATSAME70Q21

      Target interface:              SWD

      Target interface speed:        10000kHz

      Target endian:                 little


      03-00000000-00-00001018-0025: Received monitor command: speed 1000

      03-00000000-00-00001019-0027: Target interface speed set to 1000 kHz

      03-00000000-00-00001020-0025: Received monitor command: speed auto

      03-00000000-00-00001022-002E: Select auto target interface speed (2000 kHz)



      I dont have a gdbinit file, so i was wondering where the "monitor speed 1000" and "monitor speed auto" was coming from ?

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