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    Issue in accessing on-board LED of Beagle-bone black in C


      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to access the four On-board LED's of Beaglebone black by C programming on different Operating System (i.e., QNX Real Time Operating System) burn on SD card.

      I successfully accessed the GPIO pins connected to header 8 & 9 using the same header file i.e. BBBiolib.

      want to ask two questions:

      1. How to change the modes in C ?

      2. How to access the on-board user LED's  in C ?


      I added macros of USRx address but still not succeed. Please help / suggest .



      * file: BBBiolib.h

      * On-board LED: USR0, USR1, USR2, USR3

      * #define USR0 0x854

      * #define USR1 0x858

      * #define USR2 0x85c

      * #define USR3 0x860


      #define USR0 0x44e10854

      #define USR1 0x44e10858

      #define USR2 0x44e1085c

      #define USR3 0x44e10860