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    Why does CS treat my imported libraries like second class citizens?


      All of the libraries that Altium provides makes the components out of these cute little yellow rectangles with the 'default' font (font & size unknown) yet any library I import uses lines to create a box and sets all text to times roman 8 point font.  The result is a schematic that looks like a hodge podge of bits and pieces.


      So far the only solution I've found is to open up all of imported libraries and edit each and every component, or open the Altium libraries as source and copy them into a new library and edit each and every component.  Either way thats a whole bunch of editing that would be eliminated if the importer simply treated imports that same as native libraries.


      Is there something I'm missing that lets me specify some of this at import?  Is there a magical command that would let me 'format' a schematic after the fact?  Not really appealing, I'ld rather everything go onto the schematic formatted the same, but at this point I'll take whatever I can get.