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    Help, please?


      My son kindly bought me an RPi 3 B+, together with an element14 power supply and the element14 16GB NOOBS card. So, following the instructions on leaflet included with the RPi, I booted the thing up with the element14 card in the card reader. Now I'm being given the option to install stuff. Options include: Raspbian, LibreELEC, Raspbian Full, Raspbian Lite, Lakka_RPi2, Data Partition, OSMC_Pi2, Screenly OSE, RISC_OS, Windows 10 IoT Core and TLXOS.


      I can find no documentation as to which of these is required and which is not. I suspect that the answer will depend on what I'm wanting to do with the RPi, but unless I know what the various packages do, I can't make that decision and if element14 put them onto, and sell, the microSD card, surely they document the product. I'm happy to do my own reading around a topic, but at this stage, I don't even know what to research. Do element14 offer better documentation for a complete novice to set up a Raspberry Pi than just a video of unboxing it? Its not even clear if this install will delete NOOBS on the card thus disallowing me to take a second bite...


      My primary intention is to create an RFID scanner but I don't want to close any doors. I have set up an Arduino to scan cine film using a vintage projector reworked to house an LED backlight, and a Canon camera with the CHDK, which involved hardware and software skills. But my start point was Arduino documentation clearly aimed at a complete beginner and it was then a prefect springboard. But this RPi isn't filling me with joy right now....


      So, my question is, could anybody point me to the element14 16GB card installation documentation or any good primer for setting up an RPi, please?