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    Why is my board outline file not being read?


      Hi, I am using circuit studio to print a PCB from a professional place (https://jlcpcb.com/ ) for the first time. I uploaded my files to the website but it kept saying "No outline file detected." I tried doing everything their website said but to no avail. I'm wondering is there one thing I might have forgotten to click on or sketch out?




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          I've used JLCPCB in the past and I haven't had any problems.  Make sure you follow their instructions on which files to upload.  https://support.jlcpcb.com/article/29-suggested-naming-patterns

          Also make sure to use the *.TXT file for the drills. 


          If your board outline file has nothing in it then you might be getting this error.  Make sure that you are using the Keep Out Layer for your board outline.  Make sure that your outline is completely connected around the perimeter of the PCB.  The simplest method is to use single-layer mode by pressing SHIFT+S.  Draw your outline.  Then select the entire outline and make the board shape by selecting 'Define From Selected Objects' under the Board Shape button.


          I like to use OSH Park for some prototypes.  They have a great tool that allows you to see every layer that you uploaded immediately after uploading so you can see that they've been populated correctly. 

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              I would echo James's remarks above. It is common to misunderstand board outlines because the one you see within CircuitStudio as the 3D view is not the one used for the Gerber file board outline. You will need to generate the board shape as a drawn object (using Define From Selected Objects as already stated). There are then two scenarios - the PCB supplier wants a separate board outline file (easy - just tick the outline layer to be generated) or the PCB supplier wants the board outline on each layer (again easy - configure Gerber plots to include the outline on each layer).

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              JLC works great with CS output.


              Have you drawn the board outline on the outline layer using:

              Home tab > Board Shape > Create primitives from board shape


              The board outline is not drawn automatically.


              Try using a gerber viewer to check your files.

              Maybe http://www.pcbxprt.com/


              Remember to include gerber and drill files in the ZIP for JLC.

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