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    Can CircuitStudio import Tango-PCB?


      Hello i have ones few old designs created with "Tango-PCB PLUS V2.11a Series II", and the question is whether they can be imported into to CircuitStudio 1.5.1?


      As I have not seen the option of "Tango-PCB" in the list of importers, I have tried importing a board with the option: P-CAD PCB (*.pcb), but it does not work, and popup message display "Error, has invalid format".


      In the website Altium haves one plugin to import "Tango" in AltiumDesign. I can use this Plugin for CircuitStudio 1.5.1?


      - Designs is only PCB, not Schematic.
      - The PCB archives is on ASCII format.


      Thanks for your help.