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    GKO file empty - bug??


      I have my board outline layer and keepout layer the same, however when I generate gerbers, they are both empty!  So of course my pcb is being rejected by the fab house!

      I even checked the box for add the board outline to all plots, but NOPE, it's not there!  See images below for config and layer data.

      I've not seen this behavior with my rectangular PCBs.

      Is this a bug for round PCBs?


      The keepout and board outline are identical, they contain an arc.


      However, using gerbview, both of those layers are completely empty!

      Thanks for any ideas on how to get the board outline to show up in my gerbers.


      This is the content of my GKO file (pretty empty):


      G04 #@! TF.GenerationSoftware,Altium Limited,CircuitStudio,1.5.1 (13)*


      G04 Layer_Color=16720538*










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          I solved this.  It looks like if the keepout box is checked, then it doesn't show up in the gerbers.  I guess that makes sense, so that there aren't lines all over the place in the gerbers.

          Once I removed the check box, the lines showed up.  Not sure how this got selected for the board outline, but it was.  So once I removed that check as well, it too showed up.