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    port QNX 6.6 to microzed


      Hi Kevin,


             qnx 6.6, microzed, vivado/sdk 2016.2, BSP_xilinx-zynq-7000-zc702_br-660_be-660_SVN848518_JBN92.zip


      Previously, following your post in Porting QNX to Zedboard | Zedboard

      I have successfully ported zc702 BSP to microzed in qnx 6.5SP1.


      However, the porting process failed when migrating to qnx6.6. None of the function components is active, except usb.


      System page at phys:0081b000 user:fc408000 kern:fc408000

      Starting next program at vfe05ee3c

      cpu_startnext: cpu0 -> fe05ee3c

      Starting Clock driver (/dev/clock)...

      Unable to start "clock-xzynq" (13)

      Unable to start "devc-serxzynq" (13)

      Unable to access "/dev/console" (2)

      Welcome to QNX Neutrino 6.6.0 on the Zynq7000 ZC702 (ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore)

      Starting SDHC driver (/dev/hd0)...

      Unable to start "devb-sdmmc-xzynq_generic" (13)

      Starting OCM driver (/dev/ocm/)...

      Unable to start "ocm-xzynq" (13)

      Starting XADC driver (/dev/xadc)...

      Unable to start "xadc-xzynq" (13)

      Starting FPGA driver (/dev/fpga)...

      Unable to start "fpga-xzynq" (13)

      Starting USB Host driver (/dev/io-usb/)...

      Starting Network driver...

      ksh: No controlling tty (open /dev/tty: No such device or address)

      ksh: warning: won't have full job control



      Below is what I have done of the porting, basically the same procedure as described in your post.


      1. replace ps7_init, comment out xil_io.h, add one extra line in ps7_init.h


                #define XZYNQ_CONSOLE_BASE        XZYNQ_XUARTPS_UART1_BASE


      2. modified main.c to not call ps7_init.

      3. modified the build file to turn off QSPI, I2C and CAN. Also turned off DHCP and set the IP address (hardcode mac address 00:0a:35:00:01:23). 

      4. nothing to change of control.c , which is different from qnx6.5SP1 where reqires I2C EEPROM to load the MAC address.

      5. rebuilt the QNX code with the Momentics IDE.

      6. modified the boot.bif file to use my FSBL and added the Zynq bit file,

      7. ./mkflashimage to create BOOT.bin and QNX_IFS.

      8. copied BOOT.bin and QNX_IFS to the MicroZed SD card and selected the SD card boot option from the IPL menu. select 'M'


      Please advise, thanks in advance



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          Hi Mike,


          We do not have an official support agreement in place with QNX but that older post you linked to was based upon some Proof-of-Concept work that I had going on for a side project in my spare time.


          I do see that their appears to be 6.6 BSP experimental support for Zynq-7000 according to this information here:




          Is this the QNX BSP that you are using for your porting work?  If so, you might want to contact QNX to see if they can offer you some support for your MicroZed target as we cannot provide any official support for this at this time.


          Best Regards,



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              Hi Kevin,


              sorry for the late report.


              After chown/chmod the imported BSP directory and rebuild the BSP project, Microzed now is working fine with QNX 6.6.


              Thanks for your pioneer expedition.



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                  Hi Mike,


                  Thank you for posting back on your success!  Hearing from you makes the late night work on side projects even more rewarding!


                  If you happen to find any other tidbits on using QNX with MicroZed, please post them here.  Without official support from the vendor, this community benefits greatly from the knowledge and experience of folks like you!


                  Best Regards,