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      Hello, I am building a prototype and i not sure about connetors and cable, how i can get samples or help in that


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          Depending on what you are after, you are best to contact the vendor that you are interested in directly to see if they offer samples. Otherwise, you should perhaps look up datasheets and part numbers and buy a small quantity for evaluation.


          This is the community forum - we are not staff of the element14 store, advice we give is general, but I don't think element14 themselves offer free samples. Without more information about what sort of prototype, currents, voltages, weatherproofing, connection/disconnection cycles, etc. there is not much we can do to help.


          - Gough

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            You'll struggle to get samples when the question is so vague.


            Why not explain what you are trying to do to us here and see if any decent advice comes out of it - it often does.


            You'll need to tell us about the signals you want to connect, the working environment and the cost target.



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              Christopher Stanton

              Hi anzudrako


              Please get in touch with your local help centre or support. They should be able to guide you through our products for what you need.