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      How do I handle component pins with no connection in CS schematic?

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          I think your question may need some clarification as to what you are trying to achieve, what problem are you trying to solve.

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            There are lots of parts that have NC pins.  This is something that you need to work around.  I will always place the pin on the schematics and connect it to the pin on the footprint.  It should always be there.  Even if the pin will always be NC.  Here's an example of a MIC550x voltage regulator in SOT23-5 package.  Pin 4 is NC but I still have it.  Since the pin has no internal connection, it is possible to connect it to something anyway.  You could attach it to the ground plane to allow extra heat sinking if you want.  Not totally recommended but it's there.  I hope this helps.

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