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    Project14 | Volunteer to Judge The Holiday Special: Merry Boxes & LEDs!


      Merry Boxes & LEDs

      Enter Your Project for a chance to win a Maker Tool Kit, an Oscilloscope Grand Prize for the project that brings the Most Joy to the Heart, and Gift to Gives!

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      The Grand Prize

      Gift to Keep: RTB2400 Oscilloscope
      Gift to Give: A Home Lab Tool Bundle

      3 First Place Winners

      Gift to Keep: A Maker Tool Bundle + $100 Shopping Cart
      Gift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart
      The Heart Trophy: for Gift to Gives on Valentine's Day
      The Holiday Cup: Part of a New Tradition of Grand Prize Cups for Grand Prize Winners (Inspired by the Stanley Cup)!
      The Decider Badge: Given to those who use their judgement to decide the winners!

      Greetings Best Community Members in the Galaxy!


      Last year, The Holiday Special  was the first special event we held and we did it along side our Cool LED Display  competition.  This year we continued the tradition with Merry Boxes & LEDs , alongside our Wearable Tech competition, and we also launched A Question of Scale.  It's been a helluva year, as you can read about in the end of year review, Project14 | The 2018 Year in Review: Building Something Out of Nothing!


      This year's Holiday Special is just like last year's, except with bigger prizes, including an Oscilloscope Grand Prize.  It's also a continuation of the Gift to Gives tradition with a Grand Prize Gift to Give of a Home Lab Tool Kit.  There will also be 3 First Place Winners who will receive a $100 Shopping cart along with a Maker Tool Kit.  Each of the 3 First Place Winners will receive a $100 Shopping Cart as well as a Maker Tool Kit Bundle.  On Valentine's Day, February 14th, we'll carry on the tradition of announcing the Gift to Gives that the winners of this competition pick. Also, we'll be awarding Heart Trophy Badges to all the Gifters and Giftees involved with this year's Gift a Gives.  If you were a Holiday Special winner last year,  you'll also receive a Heart Trophy.  Also,  we'll introduce a Holiday Cup Trophy Badge (inspired by the Stanley Cup from NHL Hockey) to the Grand Prize Winner of Merry Boxes & LEDs.



      If you won a Grand Prize in any of our past competitions you'll also receive a (contest name) Cup Badge as well!  You can view a full list of (contest name) Cup winners in Project14 | Project Competition: Events, Trophies, Timetable, Projected and Historical Timelines!


      In order to get the ball rolling we're asking for volunteer judges for Merry Boxes & LEDs.  Every month we ask you to pick the winners because we want competitions to reflect the diversity of thought and opinion that makes this the best online community for engineers in the galaxy!



      Let us know your pick for the Grand Prize and the 3 first place Winners!


      Those of you that have volunteered to judge in the past, you know the drill.   Comment below to let me know or message me directly at tariq.ahmad.


      You're under no obligation to vote for the best project but we do ask that you look for complete projects and let us know your thoughts on the winners you pick.

      The guidelines are loosely structured but are designed to encourage complete project submissions (with steps and video proof), and we want this program to be something that everyone in the community can participate to post smaller projects that fit within a theme (a theme the members pick in a monthly poll) .


      For each project submission did the entrant do the following: Follow the Steps - Did they provide the steps it took to complete the project (text, video, or images) and/or schematics;  Submit Video Proof - Did they post a video proof of their project;  Stick to the Theme - How well did the project stick to the theme of the competition;   Demonstrate Originality - Did they come up with a clever name for their project or did they introduce something new or that is not commercially available?


      Get a Decider badge for volunteering to judge a Project14 competition!  To earn a Decider badge, simply volunteer to judge a Project14 Competition, pick the winners and give us the reason for your choices.  The Decider badge

      will be your reward for making your decision!


      Diversity and inclusiveness are the strengths of this program.  You can receive a Decider badge by volunteering to judge this or any future Project14 Competition!


      Here is the list of projects to choose from Merry Boxes & LEDs:


      Project14 | Meet the Projects that Bring Mirth & Merriment to the Holidays!


      Empty RGB XMAS Tree by designer2k2 :


      Empty RGB XMAS Tree



      LED fade in/out effect by kk99


      LED Fade In/Out Effect




      Christmas tree made from WS2812 leds by kk99:


      Merry Boxes & LEDs




      JackBox by dubbie:





      Mini Singing Holiday Tree by carmelito :


      Mini Singing Holiday Tree



      Santa Incoming Chimney! [SIC] by robertwerner:


      Santa Incoming Chimney! [SIC]





      ESP8266 Magic Star Mirror with Alexa by jquest :


      ESP8266 Magic Star Mirror with Alexa



      The Christmas Joy Spreading Machine by balearicdynamics:


      The Christmas Joy Spreading Machine



      Flashy LED Picture Frame by tonydbeck:


      Flashy LED Picture Frame





      Connected Christmas Tree by ntewinkel:


      Connected Christmas Tree




      LED Firework Suite - the details by 14rhb :


      LED Firework Suite






      Sparky the Power Chick Levitates - Happy New Year by dougw


      Sparky the Power Chick Levitates - Happy New Year



      2D xmas tree pcb art (components INSIDE the pcb) by designer2k2


      2D xmas tree pcb art (components INSIDE the PCB)


      Holiday Lights and Music Festival With Love and Cheer by ipv1


      Holiday Lights and Music Festival With Love and Cheer



      Albero di(Gi) Natale by costantinorizzuti


      Albero di(Gi) Natale



      Probably the best possible Christmas lights by czmusg3jh56fh0jw&maa



      Probably the best possible Christmas lights



      Automatic christmas bell ringers.  by danielw:


      Automatic christmas bell ringers.




      Christmas Magic aka Advent Calendar on stereoids  by archiela


      Christmas Magic aka Advent Calendar on stereoids



      Caustic XMAS  by neuromodulator:


      Caustic XMAS