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    Issues with Preferences saving


      I don't know is these are problems of my specific installation, or it is more general.

      Anyway I submit to the community to seek for a solution or to rise a bug.

      1. Seems that the preferences are not saved. If I change a preference, when I reopen CS the preferences are back to defaults. I (partially) fix this problem by saving to a file, and reloading the file each time I start CS. Not a bit deal, but annoying
      2. Not all preferences are correctly saved. As an example the snap grid in schematics, defaults to 10. If I save the preferences to a file and then reload the same file, with a schematics open the grid is set to 1. Note that if a PCB file is open while reloading the file the problem does not show up
      3. I am under the impression that non all preferences are correctly saved. I have no clear example other than the two above, but still I believe that something is not correct in the preferences management

      Best Regards.