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    Unable to generate outputs


      Hi ,


      I am having some troubles when  I try to generate all of the outputs of my design , such as BOM or even print a schematic .


      I sent a lot of reports inside the tool , nothing. I know it does not create a follow ticket but .. I am really stuck in my design :

      Here is the error log :


      Access violation at address 000220F0. Write of address 00000048 at 000220F0.

      , Base Address: 00020000.


      How can I fix it ?


      Thanks ,

      Best regards,


        • Re: Unable to generate outputs

          Hi Othman. Sorry to hear you are having such troubles, unfortunately the error message doesn't help much with narrowing down the problem. First question - do you have Microsoft Office installed? Next try only selecting a single item in Generate Outputs to narrow down which are working and which are causing a problem.