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    Circuit Studio Schematic Files Grow in Size


      Why do the schematic files always keep growing?


      I can start out with a file size of 850 KB. I move a few components and maybe add a wire, the next thing I know is the file grows to say 1.2 MB.


      I move more wires or components and maybe add a component - the file grows to over 2 MB. I add one more component and save - the file has now grown to 3 MB.


      I move more components or wires and don;t dd an components - the file then is 6 MB. I did an experiment and started deleting a lot of components - the files grows to 12 MB.


      Each time the file grows - it takes longer and longer to open the file. Additionally - it eventually grows to about 14 MB and the file won't open. All I see when I look at the Task Manager is "Not Responding" and the file never opensd.


      This has become beyond a nuisance and makes working with the program unmanageable. I am unable to make any change or update the schematic.


      Thanks for any help!